Punchdown Blocks, Console Cables and Biscuits, Oh My!

These can sound Greek to you. Maybe you are a Principal at an elementary school, or an office manager. You know enough about IT to be dangerous, as they say. But you can’t afford risk when it comes to your business or responsibility. So, what to do?
You hand it off to someone who does understand.
With industry leading SLA’s that guarantee our performance, or WE pay YOU, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.
What does a Managed Service Provider do?
Basically, we reduce your costs and improve performance by being your IT department. Everything an in-house IT department would do for a large company we can do for you at an affordable price. In fact, you’d be surprised at how affordable.
What do you manage? Everything that has an IP address….Mobile devices, routers, switches, phones, workstations, etc.

So....What Do You Do, Really?

We dispatch a tech to your site if we need to make a change to your hardware in person, but most things can be handled remotely. We also can dispatch a tech to fix a managed device. We know how many devices you have and tell you the health of each of them.

We can tell how each of your devices should interact with one another, and who gets what level of access and priority based on how you tell us they should be. We also can secure all of your devices.


MCP. MS Small Business Professional, Dell and HP certified