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Deployment of your company’s IT infrastructure or new cloud systems doesn’t have to be a stressful, time-consuming endeavor. More importantly, you cannot afford to let anything slip through the cracks that could mean compromising digital security. Leave the complicated tasks to the professionals and free up more time to focus on your business by hiring us to manage your deployment.

Our deployment program is tailored to your business to professionally manage your IT ecosystem. Managed deployment is one of the key services we offer to safeguard your data, streamline your processes, and install necessary gear. Our methodology ensures your digital infrastructure meets four non-negotiable requirements:

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Crash-proof
  • Globalized

Perhaps you are a brand-new business starting from scratch, or maybe you’ve recently taken on new projects requiring more networking gear. Or like many of our clients, you simply want to overhaul your current ecosystem in the name of efficiency and security. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help you manage your user network and implement an intuitive system that will accommodate what you have and adapt to new capabilities you may add in the future.

Save Money on Hiring Unknown Temps

Our services cost substantially less than hiring part-time or temporary employees to get your deployment off the ground. Currently, there is a void of IT professionals with exceptional security skill sets, so hiring new employees to safeguard your data is not only expensive, but risky. Our expertise guarantees less time to build out an infrastructure conceived by our brilliant team members specializing in elite security protocols. The process is quicker and smoother. Clients save time and money by focusing on their pressing business while we do the legwork to optimize your tech and protect your data.

Limited Staff

Depending on the size of your business, you may not have adequate staff to oversee your IT deployment nor staff members qualified to do so. With our managed deployment service, there is no need to burden your employees and your payroll. Our professionals handle the entire process, setting up your accounts according to stringent security practices and providing steadfast monitoring to determine issues. We bring in all necessary hardware and software, configure everything into the appropriate cloud system model, and even take the legacy equipment off your hands.

Equipment Delivery

Forget cumbersome equipment pickup. Revival Technology will coordinate your inventory needs and provide manual installation for your network gear. In an on-premises deployment, you choose where your data lives. We will install all necessary hardware to deploy data protection systems in your environment that safeguard your processes and your people.

Software Installation and Updates

Relevant software and cloud-based operations are seamlessly installed, as well as necessary configuration changes depending on your needs. Many businesses are uncertain of what particular cloud deployment model will serve them best. A public or private cloud service may make the most sense for your business, but we see more and more gravitating toward a hybrid model. We will help you choose the model that suits your needs by taking a deep look into your processes and generating analytics based on these insights. We then perform a configuration of all software and hardware on the cloud while you tend to your day-to-day operations.

Recycle Legacy Equipment

Deploying a new or refreshed IT ecosystem unavoidably involves jettisoning legacy equipment that is defective or obsolete to your infrastructure. We take care of the electronic recycling process by removing servers, routers, hard drives, and more and responsibly recycling them to cut down on e-waste.

Our managed deployment first and foremost provides premium data security, the number one reason we are approached for this service. Focus on your business while we do the legwork. Revival Technology is there every step of the way, from strategy and deployment to adaptation and neutralizing security threats. Managed deployment is the preferred way to rollout your IT infrastructure by saving you money, time, and stress to keep your business moving forward.


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