Revival Technology, LLC and Trends in Cybersecurity



Chinks in the armor of a business’ cybersecurity protocols can incur new hardware and software expenses at best; at worst, they can bring an entire company down, dragging clients as collateral damage with them. Investment firms and other entities dealing in client assets are most closely monitored by the SEC (who has a lot to say about cybersecurity compliance), but relatively any business that accepts credit card payments and/or transmits customer information is at risk. All companies urgently need to take cybersecurity seriously in order to protect themselves and their revenue sources.

The goal of a good cybersecurity program is to gain more control over risk management. Eliminating risk is an impossible feat in the digital sphere, but safety, privacy, and dependability can be optimized with the right procedures and the right people in place. And people is precisely where many in the industry are coming up short. Security skill sets are crucial to a high-grade IT department or MSP, but very few people possess these complex and integrated skills.

The team at Revival Technology, LLC, is comprised of individuals with security skill sets to serve clients in ways others cannot. While sophisticated digital security procedures go a long way, a human brain is sometimes required to optimize cybersecurity or neutralize a threat, just like one is required to hack into a company’s network.

Revival Technology offers both premium tech and highly skilled team members to implement and monitor best cybersecurity practices across a spectrum of industries. They accomplish this through the following applications.

I. Advanced Firewalls

Unfortunately, many business owners are still under the impression that firewalls provided by their internet service provider are effective at safeguarding their digital assets. While many ISP modems have native firewalls, most do not meet SEC standards for financial firms, and they certainly will not provide the kind of cybersecurity every business needs. ISP firewalls don’t perform any data analytics or monitor any traffic; they just translate web addresses and provide entry level protection.

Businesses in the know are making the move to managed firewalls that respond to triggers and secure the digital record. Advanced firewalls managed by Revival Tech inspect all data packets and traffic patterns, detect malware and snuff out viruses, maintain constant surveillance of traffic flowing in and out of the network, and provide immediate notification when a threat is present. Companies dealing in large transactions, client assets, or highly sensitive information simply cannot afford to forego this trend.

II. Security Audits

A security audit is a great first step to adopting a new cybersecurity program and as is the nature of audits, should be performed intermittently to check for vulnerabilities. Security audits are compliance tests in which experts review the current protocols and give recommendations. Revival Technology uses the latest cybersecurity tools to conduct a systematic technical testing of an organization’s security policies, or the preexisting practices and procedures in place to manage threats. An audit will include:

  • Scans
  • Interviews
  • Traffic and data analysis
  • Documentation and process confirmation

How secure is a company’s information? The answer is directly tied to their financial security. And the only way to know for sure is a security audit whose success lies in subsequent adherence to expert recommendations.

III. PCI and HIPPA Compliance

PCI policies and procedures dictate that all vendors must have a vulnerability management program in place, including antivirus software, regular network monitoring and testing, and secured systems and applications. Lack of PCI compliance presents a gargantuan security risk and can incur fines. Revival Tech makes sure businesses are PCI compliant while taking them above and beyond the basic requirements to secure every technological aspect of their operations.

Depending on the business in question (usually in the healthcare space and related branches), sensitive, personal data may be subject to HIPPA laws with stringent regulations on confidentiality and sharing of information. Companies can find themselves in violation of these laws through both procedural and human error. Revival Technology can refine the digital transmittal process to minimize technical mistakes and even teach employees to safeguard sensitive information through specialized training.

IV. Staff Training

As aforementioned, technical security protocols only go so far. To create an elite cybersecurity program, a business must train their employees on best practices for better odds at minimizing issues. The goals of staff training are twofold: firstly, to empower individuals to recognize online threats and systematic security breaches and secondly, to enforce personal accountability and responsibility for cybersecurity. A solid employee training will encompass the following and more:

  • Safe email and internet usage
  • Protecting confidentiality and integrity of company data
  • Password guidance including periodic reminders
  • Reporting procedures
  • Prohibit unlicensed software
  • Social media company policy and safe practices

No matter the scope of a business or its sector, optimized cybersecurity is not an option. Through a comprehensive security audit and applications of the latest trends in cybersecurity like advanced firewalls and staff training, Revival Technology, LLC, continues to protect the data, systems, and other assets of companies across the country.


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